It is very fashionable to wear shorts, T-shirts and and bathing suites. Evenings can be a little bit chilly (mainly in the low season) so come prepared.



Drinks are available in the restaurant and bar. Here you will also be able to order fresh drinks, with or without alcohol. Normally the consumption of drinks will be recorded on a sheet and the account will be paid at the end of the voyage.



The motor yacht has a water and electricity supply. It is fitted with generators providing 220 V. It is fitted with generators providing 220 V. The ship is fitted with generators providing 220 V but they are not continuously in service. This also applies to air conditioners in the main cabins, private cabins and the cabin corridors. They can only work when the generator is working or when they are connected to a shore-based supply.

The water reservoirs are adapted to the number of cabins and to the number of beds, and are positioned so that every cabin has sufficient water to take showers even if water refueling is not made for some days.



In the interests of environmental care, we kindly ask you not to throw garbage down the toilet or into the sea. On the ship you will have at your disposal enough garbage receptacles. Actively help us to make our Adriatic sea remain clean.



Many of our customers find that to spend the night sleeping in the fresh air under a sky full of stars in the Mediterranean is a unique experience. You must provide your own sleeping bag or beach mattress because it is forbidden to carry mattresses and blankets from the cabins on to the deck.



Luna provides her guests with Snorkeling gear, CD and DVD players, Sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room, beach towels,and internet connection.



It is not rare to find entertainment on board the ships. If someone has, for example, his own accordion or guitar, they can take it with them on the vacation.



The Adriatic is a rich sea with many fish and is ideal for fishing. Clearly you will be able to carry with you a fishing rod in order to fish, either from the ship or from the shore.

In order to fish it is obligatory to have a fishing licence and these are issued, on payment, in numerous tourist offices and Harbour Master's Offices.



The cost of drinks and additional services will be payable in the local currency (in kunas).



Drinks are available in the restaurant and bar. The consumption of drinks will be recorded on a sheet and the account is paid at the end of the voyage in cash.



The embarkation is at 16:00.  When everyone is on board, we set sail.



The disembarkation is at 09:00. Housekeeping needs time between your disembarkation and the embarkation of new passengers to clean the cabins.



The routes can be unique and personalized. Guests may choose their own routes. However, the captain must approve their choice in advance. The actual routes may vary somewhat from those described on the website. For example, due to bad weather condtions or too many ships docked at the same harbor, the captain may dedde to spend the night else where. However, these locations will be visited during the day. It is also possible to travel certain routes in a reverse order.