Discreet crew and tasty local delicacies just for you

My Luna Crew, Dalmatino Travel
In spite over 20 years of family run yacht charter Company we still feel emotional to each new guest arrival, doing our best to let them remember sailing in Croatia as a lifetime event.
- Duje Ercegović, Captain
Breakfast, MY Luna

You will rise to a continental breakfast with freshly baked bread, sweet Croatian pastries, and fresh fruits. Enjoy our crispy bacon, sausages and eggs with a cup of various teas and coffees.

Janjetina i teletina, Maja Danica Pecanic

At lunch, fresh meat or seafood, fresh salads and vegetables await your pleasures. All meats, fish and products are bought fresh daily and prepared with olive oil. Try a Croatian fine wines from our wine list.

Dinner, MY Luna

When dinner arrives, our dining room becomes the setting for the chefs finest culinary presentations, designed to please the eye and the palate.

Selection of Food


Fish is prepared in several ways. Fish “na gradele” are grilled fish where particular attention is paid to the type of wood used to make the fire and to the adding of aromatic herbs. The fish is cleaned, salted, oiled, and basted with rosemary soaked in olive oil. The grilled fish are then covered with finely grated parsley, garlic and oil, and is served with vegetables or salad. Fish “na leso” are fish boiled in water containing oil, wine vinegar, onions, laurel, peppercorn and salt. This extremely light and low caloric dish, ideal for supper, is served with boiled potatoes, Swiss chard or cabbage salad.


Scampi and Shells

Mussels, oysters and scampi are prepared “na buzaru” in Dalmatia. They are placed in a pot and covered with grated parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, wine and oil. They are left on the fire in their juices until their shells open. They are served in their own juices with bread or polenta.


Meat Specialties

Pašticada is a stewed beef dish cooked in gravy sauce. It is usually served with gnocchi or wide noodles and Parmesan cheese. The Dalmatian smoked ham (pršut) is dried in the “bura” (rorth-eastem wind) and is served with cheese and olives. “Janjetina ispod peke” -Roast lamb garnished with Mediterranean herbs served with fresh salad.



Dalmatian desserts are made with fruit, dried figs, honey, raisins, almonds, eggs and liqueur. Some of them, such as “rozata” and “fritule” can only be found in Dalmatia. “Rozata” is made with eggs, milk and caramel, and is very popular in Southern Dalmatia. “Fritule” are made with dough, raisins and liqueur, shaped into plum-sized balls and fried in hot oil. “Krostule”, similar to “fritule”, can be found on certain islands. They are made with the same dough but are formed into long strips by skilled cooks and then fried in hot oil.

Selection of Beverages


Dalmatian wines, known since ancient times, are produced from autochthonous varieties of grapes. A photograph of the picturesque vineyard close to Primošten, where the autochthonous grape variety used to produce the “Babic” red wine grows, can be found in the lobby of the United Nations building. In northern Dalmatia you will be served “Babic”, “Merlot” and the rose “Opol” produced in Šibenik vineyards.


Top quality red wines

Postup, Faros, Babić, Dingač


Liqueurs and Spirits

Rakija (hard liquor similar to brandy), Travarica (with herbs), Šljivovica (plum), Lozovača (grapes), Kruskovac (pears), Drenovac (cherries), Pelinkovac (Bitter liqueur), Orahovac (Walnut)



Ožujsko, Karlovačko